5 Signs Your Location Needs a Vending Machine

It’s no secret that happy guests and employees are more likely to stay engaged with your location. This is called location retention and it is important to companies with on-site employees or guests, as well as property managers of commercial, retail, or hospitality. This retelling of the Reed Stevens article sheds some insight.

Should your business install a vending machine? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, the answer is probably yes.

1. Is Convenience Really That Important to Employees?

This might be the biggest advantage of implementing vending machines in your business: the convenience. Guests who will be waiting at your location or staying for a period of time will appreciate the option to refresh themselves with a snack or beverage. Timeshares and Hotels have found an additional benefit by being able to offer prepared meals or convenience items such as replacement earbuds, charger cables, etc. As for employees, an average workday can be anywhere from seven to 10 hours. Granting people the easy access to affordable, reliable food, beverages, and even custom curated items allows your guests or employees to remain onsite if they choose.

5 Signs You Should Install a Vending Machine

2. Can I Afford to Offer a “Perk” Like Vending?

There’s no cost to install Freedom Vending machines at your location. Vending machines require space and typical electrical outlet access. The actual cost associated with the machines and the products within usually are covered by Freedom Vending. You simply offer the benefits to your guests and employees.

3. Do People Carry Cash These Days?

If you’ve wondered how your guests or employees will pay for onsite vending machine options, the good news is innovation has brought significant changes to the vending machines of today. Most machines accept a combination of cash, coins, and cards to swipe.

4. Can Vending Machines Offer More than Pop and Chips?

Yes. The innovation I spoke to in point three extends beyond the technology of the machines. What goes inside the machines has significantly shifted too. Gone are the days of people being limited to simply snacks; there’s a wide array of meal-type options available including fresh, locally prepared items like sandwiches, wraps, salads, hardboiled eggs, yogurt, fresh juices, and more.

5. How Much Work Will I Have to Do?

This is probably one of the more prominent questions when it comes to whether or not to install vending machines – how much work will a manager or owner have to do? The good news is, Freedom Vending takes care of everything. This eliminates the need for an onsite representative to be tasked with vending machine management.

This ends the retelling of the Reed Stevens article of a similar name.

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